This website has been created with the specific purpose of making a wide range of cave-houses for sale available to the user: As well as cave-houses, you will find other property for sale such as land/plots, country property etc. In addition to information about the price of the caves, the user is provided with information about the land or about the material which the cave-house is constructed from and also a little about the history of the cave-houses in Benamaurel. Advice is given to enable you to make your best choice of cave-house. Request information about the cave-house you like the best, with no obligation whatsoever. Feel the pleasure of living in a cave-house and enjoy one of the most charming types of dwelling in Andalusia.

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Travelling back through time

One of the most idiosyncratic elements of the Granadan Altiplano (high plateau) and the Baza district is undoubtedly the traditional form of housing which is typical of the area: the cave dwelling. Dug of many centuries ago from eroded and craggy terrain, the caves have survived the passage of time, and despite the fact that they have undergone various changes to meet modern requirements, they have retained many of their unique original features.

Many of the caves, which were inhabited in the past by poor people and farmers who used them as temporary dwellings during the harvest season, have been beautifully converted into charming rural lodgings.

Girasoles recolectados frente casa cueva
Neighbourhoods with a traditional Andalusí flavour

The earliest oval-shaped cave dwellings date back to Medieval times, the oldest being those from the Almohades period in the 12th century which can still be found in Las Hafas in Benamaurel. Inhabited since the Moorish Andalusí period, these constructions are situated in some of the oldest and most beautiful neighbourhoods of the municipalities in the area: Barrio de la Alhanda in Benamaurel; Barrio de las Cuevas in Baza; the neighbourhoods of San Sebastián, San Marcos and San Juan in Caniles; and those of Pozo de Freila and Abatel in Zújar.

Las Hafas de Benamaurel
Charming rural houses

Mostly restored for private use or converted into rural lodgings, one of the main characteristics of the cave dwellings is their tranquillity. Their vaulted structure and limestone walls provide a perfect insulation against external noise whilst their whitewashed doors and windows enhance their neat and luminous appearance and offer excellent ventilation. Inside, the temperature remains unchanged, at 20 C, all year round.

These dwellings, which are situated in beautiful countryside, are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who prefer inland tourism because they offer the ideal conditions for a restful stay, permitting visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings, whilst being close to areas  of tourist interest with important historic and cultural sites and long standing traditions.

Barrio árabe de la Alhanda en Benamaurel
Antiguas tinajas en casa cueva
Fachada típica de una casa cueva
This site contains more than 20 cave houses for sale and others will be added in the near future. If you are looking for a specific type of cave house (isolated, with land, possibility of a pool, views of the countryside, the most economical, etc) please consult us with no obligation. If we have a cave house suiting or similar to your requirements, we will send you an e-mail together with photos and a full description. Furthermore, should you wish to exchange a cave house or other property, without spending extra cash, we can also accept the exchange of a cave house or another property similar in price and characteristics.
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Price: 38.000€
Location:   Benamaurel

Total surface area 860 m˛
Building plot 700 m˛
8 bedrooms

Price:  36.000 € SOLD

Total surface area: 194 m˛
Outside space: 80 m˛
3 bedrooms                 
Price: 19.000 €
Location:  Benamaurel                 

Total surface area 190 m˛
Outside space/garden 36 m ˛
10 bedrooms
Price:                            - Total surface area:              180 m ˛
30.000 €                         - Outside space:                    224 m ˛
Location:                - Additional land and patio:    102 m ˛
Benamaurel                    - Land above cave:               420 m˛

Price:                           - Total surface area:                  260 m ˛
45.000 €                        - Living area:                              180 m ˛
Location:               - Outside space/garden:              90 m ˛

Cave House