Details:                                                                  Plan:                                                                
Price:                                45.000
Location:                       Benamaurel
Total area:                         260 m
Usable area:                      180  m
Outdoor space/garden:         90  m

Interesting information:

- 10 rooms.
- Building work almost finished, garage and a 46M lounge with walls of natural stone and lime mortar.
- Electricity and drinking water.
- Facing South and East.
- Bioclimatic and Isothermal. Average indoor temperature:  

       - Winter: 16-18 C
       - Summer: 22 to 16 C

- Very quiet area with beautiful views of the river Guardal, Tohaita irrigation canal and its fertile valley and of the village of Benamaurel.
- More than 300 year old cave constructed by pick and shovel by various generations of farmers from the village.
- 1.5 km from the village limits of Benamaurel.
- One breathes peace and tranquillity inside the cave, free of electromagnetic waves. In other words this is an ecological dwelling.


- Benamaurel / Granada / Andalusia / Spain. Barrio de San Marcos  S/N  Cp- 18817.
- Situated in the river Guardal valley, next to the Tohaita irrigation canal and the river Guardal.
- Beautiful, tranquil spot with scenic views of the countryside.                  
- 1 hour from Granada and the Alhambra and 75 minutes from the airport and beaches (via toll-free dual carriageway)


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